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A real favorite of the seniors is bingo. It is played on Monday at 10 AM. If a guest speaker or other guest is present that day, the guest will speak or be presented at 9:30 immediately before the games are played. This activity has great participation and is enjoyed by all.
Bingo Party, June 19,2009

Line Dancing
We are fortunate to have one of the Diamond Dancers for our dancing instructor. This group meets at noon on Monday, right after lunch and kicks up their heels to lively tunes. They have honored the other seniors with their talents at several of the recent events and are crowd pleasers.

Live Music
What a treat to come on Tuesday at 9 AM to listen to some of the locals entertain with their homespun brand of music. The local musicians honor us with their tunes on a variety of instruments such as guitar, accordion, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, ukulele, etc. The audience is urged to join in with their songs or get out on the floor and dance to the music. If you play an instrument, come on Tuesday morning and join in.

Oil Painting
A local accomplished artist agreed to teach our seniors oil painting when the center first opened and we are fortunate enough to still have her with us. Her students had progressed to the point last year that they held their own art show and had rave reviews. A new class for beginners is forming and will start in the fall. The current class meets on Wednesday mornings at 9 AM.

The center has a gifted group of ladies who are versed in all types of sewing from quilting, crochet, knitting, and tailoring. A new project planned to begin soon is a machine quilt to be raffled off. These ladies meet on Tuesday morning at 9:30.

The center has a new pool table ready for competition. Whether you are a novice or a shark all are invited to take advantage of this addition to the center.

Table and Board Games/Cards
A well stocked cabinet of all types of card and board games are available to occupy the senior's time. Some can be played alone and other competitive seniors are ready to challenge you. If you like cards, dominoes, cribbage, Chinese checkers, dice, regular checkers, chess, or a multitude of board games, they are here for your pleaseure.

Crossword, Find-A-Word and jigsaw puzzles are readily available. Some of the jigsaw puzzles are memorable and have been framed and put on display for all to see.

Bean Bag Baseball
A new love has reared its head and the seniors LOVE this one! Beanbag baseball is a game played indoors by throwing beanbags through openings in a wooden triangle and attempting to make a single, double, or triple while avoiding the OUT! Teams are organized and the competition is intense. There is no phyical exertion in the game other than tossing the bags. What fun this is for all who play.

Mexican Train Dominoes
If there is a favorite activity, this is it. This domino game is such fun that there is a sign posted in the game room advising that at least one of the participants has to be SANE when playing this game. The laughter gets so loud that it must make the neighbors wonder what the elderly find so funny. You need to join us and find out for yourself.

Library Books
The center has a fully stocked library of novels that may be checked out with no specified return date. All books are in great condition and many are in large print. Whether your taste runs to romance, war, western, or science, we have the book for you. Seniors are also encouraged to donate books to add to the inventory. When an over supply of books results, the center passes the surplus over to other charity agencies.

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